Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Resources to support choirs and singing groups in Ireland develop a space that is inclusive and supportive for everyone.

Sing Ireland’s mission is to Lead, Enable and Connect Communities of Singers in Ireland, ultimately enhancing people’s lives through singing. By taking guidance from the Arts Council’s Equality, Human Rights, and Diversity Policy 2019 document and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Equality Scheme, Sing Ireland will take a proactive and focused approach to guaranteeing a basic human right, ensuring that everyone who lives in Ireland has the opportunity to engage with and participate in the arts, specifically group and choral singing.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy has informed all our programmes in recent years and it is at the heart of SI’s plans for future projects and commitments. As the organisation grows over the next few years, we will endeavour to create an equitable group singing society in Ireland, and incorporate this Inclusion and
Diversity Policy in all our developments.

The policy includes and EDI guide for the group singing sector and an Action Plan Toolkit for Choirs and the group singing sector.

You can download or Policy and the toolkit here:

Sing Ireland EDI Policy and Action Plan Toolkit 2022