The Ageing Voice

The Ageing Voice focuses on the voice as an instrument. What happens as we age? How can we maintain and sustain our voices? What happens if we do?

Singing is important in older age for all the reasons it is at any other age. It’s about connection and belonging, it’s about finding a place for your voice amongst others, it’s about listening and being heard, facing challenges, and building confidence.

Singing into older age can help to keep the body fit and healthy, to keep the mind sharp and the voice strong. It is an exercise regime that keeps you active. As we age group singing and choirs can begin to seem like a daunting prospect. Aspects of growing older can become obstacles that stand in the way. However each and every one of them can be addressed by considerate choir members and thoughtful choir leaders, and overcoming them will lead to enhanced confidence, self-awareness, and mental strength in our participants.

Older age is filled with innovation as we adapt to physical and emotional changes. A wide repertoire of song helps all of us find the resilience needed for life’s inevitable challenges. As more of us live longer lives perhaps we also need to make new music to help us explore this unprecedented experience.

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