Sing Ireland: Leading, Enabling and Connecting Communities of Singers in Ireland. Enhancing life through singing.


A nation that is fully immersed in quality group singing experiences. People living on the island of Ireland will value, recognise and experience the life-changing ability that singing has to impact on their health, creativity, and well-being.

Sing Ireland develops and supports all forms of group singing in Ireland. It does this by providing quality experiences through activities led by Sing Ireland and by supporting the work of our members and the wider choral sector.

Sing Ireland strategic objectives are as follows:

  • Youth singing development
  • Maintaining and developing the choral eco-system through training, supports and networking opportunities
  • Embracing collective singing of all types
  • Maintaining and developing a strong organisational structure/sustainability

Sing Ireland activities include:

  • Developing and promoting group singing in Ireland
  • Offering mentoring and masterclass opportunities to conductors
  • Running the Annual International Choral Conducting Summer School
  • Giving training and supports to primary and secondary school teachers
  • Organising singing days and workshops
  • Producing and promoting the Irish Youth Choirs' courses and concerts
  • Providing information and advice