Singing Groups In Ireland: The Path Forward

Sing Ireland would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and recognise the continued commitment of the Sector in implementing and supporting the various Covid-19 public health measures.

The Government have reiterated the need for ongoing close monitoring of the virus. Singing Groups should continue to risk assess individual activities and events. This includes the continued implementation of good hygiene practices along with recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend activities.

On Friday January 21st 2022 the Government made an announcement in relation to Public Health Measures.

The full announcement can be accessed here: - Government announces that most of the public health measures currently in place can be removed (

As set out in the announcement a large number of the public health measures currently in place can be removed. Key items in relation to activities are as follows:

1. Formal requirements for physical distancing (2m) removed

2. 8pm closing time for events removed

3. Capacity restrictions for outdoor/indoor activities and events removed

4. Use of pods for indoor sporting activities removed

5. Use of a COVID pass to access indoor activities removed

6. Requirement to keep information for contact tracing removed

On 8th February following the lifting of many restrictions in Ireland, Sing Ireland hosted a webinar to assist singing groups and choirs planning their return. Below is a recording of the webinar along with various updated resources.

Singing Groups in Ireland: The Path Forward

Return to singing form/Risk Mitigation Measures

Return to rehearsal forms are no longer required and we would suggest you share information like the below with your singers:

With the lifting of many of the restrictions, there is an increased emphasis on personal responsibility in minimising any spread of the COVID-19. If you are experiencing any symptoms you should not come to rehearsal and should immediately self-isolate and get tested. It remains critically important that everyone takes responsibility for their part in limiting transmission and supporting others as we navigate this transitional period. We want to ensure that all singers continue to feel safe and enjoy returning to rehearsals as much as possible.

The health of our community is our first priority and Public Health guidelines inform all committee decisions around rehearsals and events.

To decide on what risk mitigation measures to put in place:

You should complete a risk assessment and could anonymously survey your members to see their level of comfort and what they would like in place.


Risk Assesment

Sing Ireland has updated their Risk Assessment document for singing groups to include measures and questions groups might consider when planning.

Download Choral Risk Assessment Updated 10022022 (pdf 865.997 KB)

Singing Group Survey Results

Sing Ireland ran a survey in early February 2022 to see how singing groups are managing and planning in order to assist other groups. We received 120 responses.

Download Covid Survey February 2022 (pdf 1.71 MB)

Festivals and Initiatives 2022

Sing Ireland would like to share information about some of the festivals and initiatives that are happening over the coming months. Just like everyone else they have had a tough few years with cancelations or having to adapt to online events so we at Sing Ireland would like to support them as they return. So whether your group is looking for workshops, performances and competitions there is something for everyone.

Download Festivals And Initatives 2022 (pdf 1.785 MB)