Resources for Conductors

Guideline to Choral Conductor/Accompanist Fees

Singing groups should consider paying a fee (honorarium) to their conductor in recognition of the professional contribution by the conductor. The fee reflects the qualifications, experience and achievements of the conductor, together with their commitment to the group, and whether music is their primary source of income.

Sing Ireland Workshop Video Resources

Sing Ireland have hosted many conferences and music workshops over the years. A sample of some useful workshops can be found below.

Download Sing Ireland Video Resources 2020 (pdf 154.341 KB)

Setting up a singing group

Sing Ireland provides guideline documents containing useful information for conductors and committees setting up a choir for the first time or maintaining best practice in accordance with governmental legislation, child protection and welfare safety and guidelines for setting up and running a successful group. These are updated and added to regularly.

Download Sing Ireland Setting Up A Choir 2020 (pdf 227.214 KB)

Exclusive Insurance Facility for Members of Sing Ireland

As part of our work in assisting members to deliver savings on items of current expenditure The Board of Sing Ireland continue to approve the BHP Insurance Brokers Limited group Insurance scheme which is available exclusively to members of Sing Ireland.

BHP is an Irish owned insurance broker, based in Dublin, specialising in the development of Group Insurance schemes for the Not-for Profit sector. BHP has developed a number of very successful Group Insurance schemes for other bodies in the sector including The Wheel, The Irish Council of Social Housing and The National Youth Council of Ireland.

Download Sing Ireland Insurance For Groups 2022 (pdf 263.072 KB)

Online Resources

Sing Ireland's Compilation of Online Resources and Useful Links

Download Sing Ireland Online Resources 2019 (pdf 282.848 KB)

Sourcing Choral Sheet Music

Sing Ireland's guide to sourcing choral sheet music

Download Sing Ireland Sourcing Sheet Music 2020 (pdf 270.343 KB)