Irish Youth Choir

The Irish Youth Choir and conductor Bernie Sherlock return in 2022 for their annual summer course from 11-20 August at the University of Limerick. The course will provide the choir with the opportunity to reconnect and create opportunities for new growth after the disruption of the pandemic.

Deadline for auditions for the Summer Course: 13th May

Sing Ireland wants our choirs to represent the diversity of Ireland’s young people and celebrates every individual from any background. The organisation passionately believes that choral singing is for everyone and strongly encourage all talented young singers to audition to become part of our Irish Youth Choir. Sing Ireland particularly encourages and supports young people who are currently underrepresented in choral music, including young people from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities, disabled people, and those from lower-income families. This year we have a number of bursaries available. You can find out more below or email

What will it be like at the IYC summer course?

The IYC summer course also includes individual singing lessons, skill-based workshops, and a variety of other activities which taken all together will create an exceptional musical and social experience.

During the course you and the group will become a choir, Ireland's national youth choir, ready to perform in this year's Irish Youth Choir summer concerts in Cork. Limerick, and Dublin at the end of the course.

IYC Programme 2022

“Birds do sing, Hey ding-a-ding-ding….”

Composers like birds!

This summer, the Irish Youth Choir will present an incredible programme of wonderful pieces, each one featuring birds - either tucked away in the background or strutting centre-stage.

Whether pieces are from the 1400s or 2021, or by Panufnik or Brahms, there’s a bird in there, somewhere. They appear in music that profoundly celebrates the whole wide world of nature. Sometimes they just sit above, wry observers of the canoodling behaviour of human lovers, and at other times they are feathered symbols of freedom or longing. And sometimes they are simply themselves, the stars in beautiful music that’s all about them.

It will be challenging and great fun to prepare this amazing programme which includes four pieces never before performed in Ireland, two of them never performed before anywhere!

  • Irish premiere: Roxanna Panufnik Celestial Bird
  • Jacob Archadelt Il bianco e dolce cigno
  • Caroline Shaw And the Swallow
  • Brahms O schöne Nacht
  • Irish premiere: Jake Runestad Why the Caged Bird Sings
  • Arr. Robert Sund Alouette
  • Michael McGlynn Eirí na Gréine
  • Rutter Sing a Song of Sixpence
  • Monteverdi Quel augellin che canta
  • World premiere: Arr. Eoin Conway *Sweet Lemany
  • Seán Doherty Under-Song
  • World premiere: Seán Doherty *The Fiddler of Dooney
  • Stanford The Blue Bird

*Commissioned by the Irish Youth Choir 2021

Summer Concerts

  • August 17th: Cork
  • August 19th: Limerick
  • August 20th: Dublin

How do I apply?

If you have queries about signing up to IYC 2022, please email

We aim to make our events as inclusive and accessible as possible. If you have any particular needs or accessibility requirements or if there is anything else we can do to help make the event a better experience for you, please let us know.

Returning members from 2021 please get in touch with

You may audition as follows:

1: Submit an application form, including two recordings:
1: An unedited video recording of yourself singing something of your choice a cappella (without headphones or accompaniment).
2. An unedited video recording of yourself singing a major scale in steps from your lowest note to your highest to any syllable (e.g. low, doo, ma)

  • You may then be invited to complete the audition via Zoom, to include ear tests and sight-singing (the ability to sight-sing is preferable but not a requirement).


2. Submit form and do a live Zoom audition
Here you’ll meet Bernie who will invite you to sing a song (unaccompanied or with your own accompaniment). Bernie will then explore your vocal range, do some ear tests and sight-reading with you.

If you have queries about signing up to IYC 2022, please email

*Following a successful audition singers can participate in any IYC courses for two years before being required to re-audition.

Course Fees

Summer Course

Fee TypeDeposit (to be paid on offer of place)WagedStudent/Unwaged- Proof Required
Full Board€100€499€459
Accommodation only€100€370€340
Food Only€100€370€340
Tuition Only€100€260€240

What is the Irish Youth Choir?

For IYC participants the experience is about more than their development as singers. The choir enables these young musicians to build confidence in a range of skills, to gain an in-depth understanding of their art form, and to imagine pathways for their careers under the guidance of the IYC's dedicated artistic team. Alumni testify to the positive impact that their IYC experiences have had, not only on their musical development but also on their personal development.

In IYC, singers find an environment that fosters self-growth and self-expression while building relationships and friendships that sustain them in their future musical endeavours. The wide-ranging repertoire, which the choir has programmed over its 40-year history, encourages audiences and participants alike to enjoy choral music from around the world. It is central to the choir’s ethos to form close collaborations with Irish composers. Singers work with composers in the development of new works, thereby gaining front-row insight into the concepts and processes that bring new music to life.

A dream for anyone who loves choral singing. For days, you will be immersed in simply wonderful music. You'll be part of a group of young, enthusiastic and talented singers who will be taught and trained and conducted every day by the IYC's internationally-acclaimed conductor and artistic director, Bernie Sherlock. To complement her work with the choir, Bernie has assembled a team of excellent vocal tutors. More information about the Irish Youth Choir can be found at the bottom of this page.