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Information about Eurochoir and World Youth Choir 2019

World Youth Choir

World Youth Choir

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the World Youth Choir (WYC), France will host the 2019 WYC Summer Session in the southern region of Occitanie, from mid-July to early August 2019. The Session will be a unique experience for the 60 young singers from around the world and for the audiences who will attend their high-quality concerts. Presented by Plate-forme interrégionale, the 2019 WYC session partners are working together to provide the best venues and performance opportunities for an unforgettable event.

While the Occitanie region is recognised for its own celebrated musical traditions with numerous prestigious festivals, it also offers a rich culture of gastronomy, diversified natural landscape, and captivating history. This stimulating and inspiring setting will enable the 2019 WYC singers to explore and experience French culture as they rehearse and make music together.

The ten days of rehearsals will take place in Millau or Saint Affrique. The concert tour will take the 2019 WYC to the International Festival of Sacred Music/World Music at Sylvanes Abbey, Lisbon (Portugal) and will end at the Choralies festival in Vaison-la-Romaine.

The World Youth Choir Foundation is looking for young, talented, experienced singers from all around the world who are interested in improving their skills in choral singing. If you are a passionate and experienced high-level choral singer or soloist between 17 and 26 years old, have a basic or professional music education, are excited to meet new international friends, are eager to learn in a multicultural environment, and are ready to spend 3-4 weeks with extraordinary like-minded choristers, the 2019 World Youth Choir session is for you!


Arrival day: 14th or 15th of July 2019 (to be confirmed shortly)
Departure day: 4th of August 2019

Further Information and How to Apply https://www.worldyouthchoir.or...

Irish Auditions are taking place on 23rd February 2019 in Dublin from 1-4pm. For more information contact

Register HERE for an audition in Ireland

EuroChoir 2019

Vaison-la-Romaine, France, 1 – 9 August 2019

Organisers: À Coeur Joie France in cooperation with the European Choral Association

EuroChoir is a special choir project to promote the networking of talented young singers at the European level, and to foster the emergence of the next generation of talents.

EuroOrganised every year in a different country, EuroChoir offers the opportunity to young singers to get together to rehearse a challenging program with renowned conductors, improve their vocal skills and present the results of their work in public concerts.

For the years 2019 to 2021, we designed a cycle under the direction of one of the emerging talent of the European scene, Yuval Weinberg. The sessions should take place in France, Ireland and finally Switzerland.

To kick-start the three years cycle a “lighter” session is organised in 2019 during Choralies.

Who can apply?

Young singers between 18 and 30 years old, good sight readers ready to prepare scores in advance. Further information available on the EuroChoir2019 website. English will be the working language.

Why join the EuroChoir 2019?

Experience a summer in France!
Spend nine days of your summer 2019 in the Provence, the beloved region in Southern France. Known for its sunny weather and incredible landscapes, Vaison la Romaine and its surroundings also offer exciting hiking possibilities, food experiences, and of course many wines to discover! The city is located between Lyon and Marseille, between the alps and the Cevennes, a perfect place to start or end your vacations in France.

Experience the Choralies Festival!
The Choralies festival is the major choral event in France, taking place every three years since 1953! Five thousands active participants attend atelier rehearsals under the direction of carefully selected conductors in the morning. After lunch, this is time for listening to the afternoon concerts. But it can also be the perfect moment for a siesta, visiting the forum for conductors or the editors’ exhibition, enjoying the old city center, the river or the surroundings, before joining the evening programme.

At night, everybody converges to the Théâtre Antique, built by the Romans 2000 years ago. If the romans had known that every night, 5000 people would sing together, how would they have named this “open singing”? Maybe “Europa Cantat”, who knows…

But the open singing is only the “aperitif” of the evening. Now come the concerts, with high level performers guaranteeing unforgettable experience for choral lovers.

More information and How to Apply

Closing date for applications 28th February 2019

Vist EuroChoir 2019 website