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Virginia Gospel Choir

Virginia Gospel Choir

Virginia, Co. Cavan

We are Virginia Gospel Choir. We formed in October 2004 after a member recognised the need for an energetic and vibrant choir in the community.

The choir initially got together through their desire to sing something 'different', and have continued because of the close friendship, sense of self-fulfilment,the pleasure we get from and bring to our audience, and finally the family we've become just by being in this choir.

We began singing simple melodies and easy harmonies, but we craved that "Spiritual Gospel Sound". When Gordon Chimbganda joined us, he introduced various Gospel artists and diverse Gospel styles to the choir. We embraced everything and a whole new sound opened up to us. We've fully embraced Gospel Music and its message. Our love of what we sing continues to grow and impact our lives and the many others who hear us.


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