Sing Ireland Connects

Sing Ireland Connects is a response to new ways of working and advice required by the group singing sector since, in early 2020, COVID-19 affected the way that singing groups throughout Ireland (and the world) have been affected by the pandemic. Sing Ireland Connects seeks to give singing groups the best advice and skills/tools to aid and inform their activity.

Sing Ireland has seen the inspiring resilience and adaptability of the group singing sector since the beginning of the emergence of COVID-19 in Ireland. We know that this perseverance and adaptability will be required again in the coming months and that singing groups in Ireland will undoubtedly rise to the particular challenges that this virus presents to the world singing community.

In order to assist groups to support and learn from Sing Ireland, relevant professionals, and each other we are holding a series of webinars.

A webinar was held looking at the future of group singing in Ireland. A recording and various resources can be found HERE

Sing Ireland held a webinar on Thursday, 30th July 2020 on risk assessment, insurance and more for singing groups. A recording and various resources can be found HERE


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