What Can Singing Groups Do Now?

Sing Ireland hosted a webinar on 7th September to help Singing Groups further understand the current Government guidelines. There was also an exploration of digital tools that featured the experiences of choirs who have used them. Online methods can't replace the in-person experience but it can assist with musical development, social interaction, and be part of a blended learning approach.

Should any group have any questions or need to seek clarification surrounding guidance and restrictions please do not hesitate to email us on info@singireland.ie or call 061-234823.

We ask groups to keep an eye out for updated information following the Government's announcement of updated restrictions commencing on the 14th of September.

Download PDF of 'Keeping Singing Groups Safe'

Download Copy Of Keeping Singing Groups Safe (pdf 247.711 KB)

Some points, software and projects discussed during the webinar were as follows

  • Current restrictions until 14th September: Indoor rehearsals are subject to the 6 person maximum rule. All outdoor events are subject to the new limit of 15 people. (not subject to 3 household regulation)
  • The limit of 50 people only applies to museums, cinemas, theatres, and art galleries as they are deemed to be controlled environments. It does not apply to any other venues.
  • Most recent research on choral singing can be found here
  • Risk management, measures and assessment- we previously held a webinar on this and resources can be found here.
  • Guidance for churches for religious services https://www.hpsc.ie/a-z/respir..

    Church choirs are allowed to be part of services if a parish wishes but the maximum number authorised to be present for any Church service must not be exceeded and groups should adhere to risk mitigation measures (during services singing groups may be more than 6).

    For any other gatherings in parishes such as meetings or concerts or rehearsals, the limit is 6 people.



Tom Doyle (CIT Cork School of Music) presented on Creative Arts Practice Online (CAPO) which is an initiative aimed at examining the ways in which digital tools and resources can be used to enhance current creative arts practice and his experience of using zoom for rehearsals.


Jamulus is a computer programme that enables performance ensembles to rehearse together when they cannot be in the same room. It allows rehearsals in an audio-only format but in real-time. Nás Na Rí Singers presented on their experience of using Jamulus. Sing Ireland has published a document on Jamulus with thanks to Nás Na RÍ Singers, and here is a video to show you what is possible with Jamulus.