Looking to the Future of Group Singing

Extract from the introduction from Dermot O'Callaghan, CEO Sing Ireland:

'We, at Sing Ireland, hear from singers in every context and with an enormous number of differing opinions/questions on the safety of returning to face to face singing. There are some who will not, and would not like to sing in a group at the moment at all, and then there are others who cannot understand why they are not back to rehearsals and performances. At Sing Ireland, we are sympathetic to both views (and all of the many views in between) but we have said, that we cannot advise that it is entirely safe to sing. We can stand over that, because the data available worldwide is incomplete and even with risk assessments and risk mitigation strategies, there is no way to ensure that it is 100 percent safe to return to rehearsals. On the other hand, in the Irish context it is worth saying that our reproduction (R0) number is low and that community transmission has been shown to be low and that new cases and deaths from Covid-19, have been decreasing. If things continue in this way then that obviously reduces the risk.'

Full introduction can be found here

Resources and research mentioned by panelists and partcipants

Sing Ireland Presentation from the webinar

Martin Ashley's Research Paper on the impact of the COVID 19 virus on choral activity in the UK. Conclusions can be found here

Sonja Greiner's Presentation from the webinar

‘SUGGESTIONS TO IRISH CHOIRS AND SINGING GROUPS’ lays out the recommendations by NPHET and the Government alongside further suggestions and recommendations from Sing Ireland.

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland have produced guidelines which are available HERE

‘PLANNING FOR YOUR SINGING GROUP IN UNCERTAIN TIMES’ is a document by Sing Ireland to assist you in planning for a return looking at your structure and goals

Sing Ireland Resources

Sing Ireland Latest Statement

The European Choral Association-Europa Cantat have compiled together all of their material and resources relating to COVID-19 on their website HERE

Digital Stage is an app being developed that will possibly allow larger music and theatre ensembles to rehearse via internet, distributed from home and with existing household technology, and to perform live on a digital stage together in front of an audience.

Interim Recommendations for the reopening of schools and educational facilities

Unprecedented International Coalition led by Performing Arts Organizations to Commission COVID-19 Study