Sing Ireland National Singing Week

Sing Ireland National Singing Week, in association with Mental Health Ireland, took place on the 5th-11th of October 2020.

Sing Ireland celebrates group singing during National Singing Week. Please support Sing Ireland and singers throughout Ireland by donating above.

Given the extraordinary times we are in during 2020, Sing Ireland is particularly encouraging that online events are organised all over the country by choirs, schools and other groups to mark World Mental Health Day and to highlight the fact that choral singing is good for your mental health!

Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins. The release of these endorphins can leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

Sing Ireland asked choirs to send in their events - it could be an open rehearsal live streamed, a performance streamed online, or an online sing along! See below the schedule of events for National Singing Week 2020. (Group meetings for rehearsals/performances must adhere to government guidelines for numbers and risk mitigation measures).

Sing Ireland also asked for groups to submit any virtual choir performances they had put together, or a performance piece from before Covid that a group would be happy for Sing Ireland to share during National Singing Week. This resulted in three YouTube playlists being shared throughout the week:

National Singing Week | Playlist 1

National Singing Week | Playlist 2

National Singing Week | Playlist 3

National Singing Week Events 2020


Webinar: What Are Singing Groups Doing?

In celebration of National Singing Week and to support the return to group singing both in-person and online in these unprecedented times, a webinar will be held on 5th October at 6pm. It will appeal to and engage all of those involved in group singing across Ireland. It is our hope to build meaningful relationships between a wide and diverse cohort and create a strong community of practice. Join us and representatives from singing groups as they present their experiences.

Online community singing circle on Zoom

The Lighthouse each Monday from 7pm to 8pm.
This has a sliding scale cost of between €4 and €10 per week.

Register by following this link -
We do short community songs that are learned by ear. They are in harmony and in unison with the focus being on fun, inspiration and connection to others on the call. We are always eager to meet new people.
We have a great time and the participants find it very uplifting with one woman describing it as a mind massage!

Tallaght Choral Society

To keep up our spirits and help ensure that choral singing and especially our own choir comes through this pandemic energised and positive, our conductor Lynsey Callaghan is hosting and conducting free monthly ''Big Sings'' on Zoom in 2020

So, Tallaght Choral Society (TCS) welcomes and invites all singers to join us on the first Monday of October, November and December for an hour of song...

Join us for the first time on 5th October - Faure Requiem @ 8.00pm

Lynsey Callaghan will conduct us to an orchestral recording of the work. In advance, on the relevant night, she will do warm-ups and run through a few ''awkward bits'' before we sing the whole work.

Interested or want more information?

Email, and we will send you for a Zoom invitation to join


Group Singing videos

Sing Ireland will release a playlist on youtube featuring videos of a virtual choir they put together or a performance piece from before COVID.

Unity Gospel Choir Limerick

With their small group of members and complying with the Covid 19 guidelines the Unity Gospel Choir Limerick will live stream a few songs on Tuesday 6th Oct at 8.00 pm

Unity Gospel Choir Limerick was founded in 2013 by Gretta McCormack O'Shea (M.A.). Our motto is singing with joy in our hearts. We have performed at many exciting events over the years from weddings and charity events, such as Darkness Into Light Limerick to celebrity functions. We’ve performed for JP McManus, Paul O'Connell, Katie Taylor and Keith Duffy, to name a few. We’ve performed alongside legendary performers such as Red Hurley and Brendan Grace. At the moment, we have about ten members coming to practice regularly but we have 25 members in total. Last year we very proudly recorded a cover of the Katrina and The Waves song ‘Love Shine A Light’ in aid of Pieta House. Our director has a degree in Community Music and believes music to be healing and uplifting, and breaks down barriers where nothing else can. We practice every Tuesday evening at the Castletroy Shopping Centre, out in the open so anyone is welcome to come along and watch us sing. View it here.


Singing group videos

Sing Ireland will release a playlist on youtube featuring videos from singing groups of a virtual choir they put together or a performance piece from before Covid.

The No Committments Choir Zoom Shesharoony

It's National Singing week 05th to 11th October & World Mental Health Day on the 10th.
We wanted to mark this with some singing for the soul and get people releasing their Happy Chemicals.

& it's our 1 year anniversary on the 8th too! So we'd love you to Join our ZOOM SESHAROONY next Thurs 8th for a birra singing. EVERYONE Welcome. Anyone can sing a song or you can simply come along for some chat and a listen. And sure, pour yourself a cuppa or tipple while we enjoy the gorgeous music from everyone

Saturday & Sunday

Sing Ireland are holding two online courses for the Irish Youth Training Choir (Ages 14-17) and Irish Youth Choir (Ages 18-28).

During the week, Sing Ireland will also share quotes previously shared with us about group singing on social media.