Sing Ireland National Singing Week

Sing Ireland celebrates group singing during National Singing Week.

National Singing Week will take place on the 10th -16th of October 2022. Save the dates today!

Group singing is back! Sing Ireland wants groups all over the country to take part to highlight the fact that choral singing is good for you and to show how our community is active and vibrant!

Group singing has been scientifically proven to lower stress, relieve anxiety, and elevate endorphins. The release of these endorphins can leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

With studies showing that singing as part of a group can provide a wide range of wellness and mental health benefits, such as improving breathing, posture and muscle tension as well as lessening stress and anxiety, now is the time to get involved with your local singing group!

Sing Ireland has over 300 member groups (representing tens of thousands of singers), including children’s choirs, workplace choirs, youth choirs, hospital and care home choirs, choir clubs, university choirs, church and cathedral choirs, choral societies, and choirs for those in older age or active retirement. Whether it’s singing popular hits, classical, jazz, Gregorian chant, hip-hop, gospel or folk – there is a group to suit everyone!

Get Involved

Sing Ireland asks anyone including singing groups, choirs, schools, venues and healthcare settings to send in their events - it could be an open rehearsal, open air performance, concert, live-streamed event, a performance streamed online, or an online sing-along!