Sing together in Dublin April 2019

Published 4 March 2019

We are an exuberant choir from Norway with 25 choir members who sing exciting pop events from various decades, and we also have songs of the folk, country, soul and rock genre. We are 19 members who is going to visit Dublin in 25th-28th of April this year. The only organised singing we have so far, is to sing a few songs at The Church restaurant, Saturday at 11:30. So we would like to check out if there is any opportunity for us to hook up with a local choir in Dublin.
Maybe we could sing a few songs together during our stay in Dublin? We have a list of songs that we could send over.
So if you are interested, please email us and we will be even more exited about our Journey to Dublin
Best regards, Lena Bydal Hauge (choir: Rett & Slett) from Folldal, Norway.

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