Finnish choir looking for Irish choir for joint concert

Published 22 March 2019

I am conducting a mixed choir in the Åland Islands in Finland. We are planning to visit Ireland in March or April 2020. We are looking for an Irish choir to meet and do a concert with.

We have been talking about going to the Galway-area, but we are also open for other places.

About our choir:

The name of the choir is Körglädje, which means Choirhappiness. The choir have 33 members in age from 31-81 years old. We sing a mixed repertoire from traditional, ethnic, pop/rock and other. Not sacred songs. The choir started as a choir-school 15 years ago. Many of the members then had not been singing before they started in Körglädje. During the years the choir have developed a lot. The members of the choir sing on their spare time. We meet every Wednesday evening from September to April. We give concerts here in Åland. We have also held concerts in Sweden, Estonia and Iceland.

A video about the choir and Åland:

If interested in partnering please contact:

Åsa Isaksson

Conductor of Körglädje

Music teacher at Medborgarinstitutet i Mariehamn

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