National Singing Week 2023

Sing Ireland's multi-annual flagship event, National Singing Week, takes place from 9 - 15 October 2023! Join us and celebrate singing in all its forms, styles and settings for National Singing Week 2023!

What is NSW?

It is a week where we come together to spread the joy and power of group singing. With various events and activities happening nationwide, National Singing Week not only celebrates all forms of group-singing with the 229,000+ people across Ireland who actively participate in collective group singing but also aims to reach new audiences to highlight the fact that group-singing is proven to be good for you and group-singing is for all!

“Singing is so important. Group-singing especially remember as it’s great for your health. It makes you happy. It makes other people happy. It’s wonderful, it gets your brain going; huge evidence to say how important it is for our overall sense of joy in life.” Professor Luke O’Neill

Get involved!

If you are in a choir or singing group - singing choral classics with your workplace choir or popular hits with your local a capella group or school - join us for National Singing Week 2023 to celebrate the joy and benefits of group singing in your local area.

Click on the link below and tell us how you'll be celebrating it with us - It could be an open rehearsal, open air performance, concert, live-streamed event, a performance streamed online, or an online sing-along open and welcome to all!

Have you a SingStory?

What’s your SingStory? What does singing mean to you in your life?

At Sing Ireland, we know that singing as part of a group positively impacts people's physical health, mental health, creativity and wellbeing.

If singing has brought you joy and has had an impact on your life, we would love to hear your SingStory! To share your story, and help us spread the joy of singing, contact Cecelia or Jenny at

Don't forget to join us over on Social for NSW 2023 using the hashtags #NSW2023 #SingStory #SingIreland