Meet Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl

Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl finished her studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in 1991 as Master of Arts in choral conducting. She is now associate professor in choral conducting at the Academy, and she receives from 2014 the Norwegian state´s 10 year scholarship for established artists.

Tone Bianca is the conductor of the chamber choir Schola Cantorum and the Chamber Choir YMIR. She is frequently used as conductor for choirs and lecturer for choral conductors in many countries.

Both Schola Cantorum and Chamber Choir YMIR are regarded to be two of Norway’s best chamber choirs, both known for their special ability to communicate.

In 2005 Schola Cantorum and Sparre Dahl won Grand Prize at the Tolosa International Choral Festival, as well as three 1st prizes, and in 2007 they won the Silver Rose Bowl in the prestiguos radio competition “Let the peoples sing”. In 2021 they won the Norwegian Championship for choirs.

In 2002 Tone Bianca wrote a book for conductors upon singing, choral pedagogics and communication, published in norwegian , swedish and english. The english title is “The Choir – leading, singing, communicating”. ( She is now writing a second book; Conducting People.