Meet Anna Fűri

Anna Fűri graduated with a degree in Choral Conducting and Vocal Pedagogy in 1997 from the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, where she studied with Péter Erdei, Valér Jobbágy, Salamon Kamp, Zoltán Kövics and István Párkai.

She received her second degree in jazz singing in 2005 at the Liszt Academy Teacher Training College in Budapest. Additionally, she has participated in conducting courses with Peter Broadbent, Gary Graden, Hans-Christoph Rademann Georg Christoph Sandmann, Máté Szabó Sipos and Mikael Wedar.

She completed her doctoral studies at the Liszt Academy in 2022. She spent a year and a half in Dresden studying choral conducting with Hans-Christoph Rademann, and orchestral conducting with Georg Christoph Sandmann under an Erasmus scholarship.

She joined the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy of Music in 2019 where she teaches Solfége and Voice Training, and conducts the Institute’s choir with László Norbert Nemes.

As a choir conductor since 2009, she has conducted the Chorus Matricanus Female Choir of Százhalombatta, which has received numerous awards at international competitions, including a gold diploma at the International Choir Festival in Preveza (Greece) in 2012, and a bronze diploma in Gorizia (Italy) in 2015. She was also granted the Special Conductor Prize at the Competition in Preveza, as well as the Zsolt Szesztay Special Prize at the Bartók Béla International Choir Competition in Debrecen for the performance of acontemporary piece in 2014.