Get Involved

Singing has physiological, cognitive and mental health benefits. Why not get involved today?

Do you like to sing? If you do, then you’ve already felt the life-enhancing effects that singing can bring. Those effects apply to any person regardless of their ability and are particularly true when singing as part of a group. Get out and get singing today! It really is true that singing can change your life.

Would you like to get involved? Why not join a choir in your locality or join a Sing Ireland training or networking event. You can also look through our support resources that will help you on your singing journey.

Through attending group singing performances and events you can:

  • Meet a community of singers
  • Discover new sounds
  • Experience new connections
  • Enhance your life

Throughout the year, there are multiple festivals with Big Sing opportunities, workshops, competitions and performances. See our News and Events listings for upcoming opportunities to sing.

Sing Ireland hosts events for singers, conductors, and committees. View our upcoming events.