Equality, Inclusion & Diversity

On May 1st Sing Ireland and the Cork International Choir Festival were delighted to partner on an online roundtable discussion exploring equality, diversity and inclusivity in choral music and singing groups in Ireland. This discussion looked at existing barriers for inclusivity and diversity and the possible solutions/pathways to removing and overcoming these barriers. Speakers included Beverley McGeown (Open Arts Community Choir), Carmel Whelan and Justine Nantale (Discovery Gospel Choir), and Raeghnya Zutshi and Dermot O’Callaghan (Sing Ireland). You can watch the discussion back HERE

Sing Ireland's Inclusion and Diversity policy demonstrates its commitment to providing choral and group singing opportunities to all members of society in Ireland. It’s incredibly important that choral and singing group activities are available to all.

Sing Ireland has also developed a new Guide for singing groups so that they can better understand where discrimination and exclusion can occur, and what steps they can take to create more opportunities for particular sectors of society.

We’d like to hear from you about your experience with choral and group singing in Ireland. If you’ve never participated in a choir or singing group before we’d really like to hear from you, to learn more about why that may be the case.

Sing Ireland’s goal is to create a network of choirs and singing groups that welcome everyone and treat everyone equitably with an awareness of individual needs. With your help by filling out this survey, we can discover where there may be gaps in service for certain groups.

Sing Ireland is committed to ensuring equality, inclusion, and diversity in the Irish choral sector. We seek to ensure that the very large number of singing groups in every part of the country, start to make belonging a reality for their groups and for their communities. Policies and guides are a good start but it is the implementation of these policies that will make a difference in our society.