World Voice Day

World Voice Day

On Thursday, April 16, Sing Ireland joins scientists, educators, artists, and voice professionals around the world to celebrate World Voice Day. This year’s theme is Be Kind With Your Voice.

WVD (World Voice Day) is a global annual event held on 16 April dedicated to the phenomenon of voice celebration. The aim is to show the enormous value of the voice in the people’s daily lives. Voice is an important aspect of healthy and effective communication. The WVD brings worldwide awareness of the necessity of preventing voice issues, training the artistic voice, rehabilitating the sick or deviant voice as well as researching the application and function of the voice.

Sing Ireland encourages colleagues to celebrate World Voice Day with virtual events. In times of crisis, such as the current one, the human voice can, above all, unite and comfort people.

Irish Youth Choir 2019 performance of The Parting Glass

The World Voice Day goal is to encourage people using their voice for pleasure or business to learn how they can take care of their voice plus know how they can seek help as well as training and also support research that is carried on the voice. The production of voice is normally studied and applied in lots of disciplines like biology, art, phonetics, psychology, physics, music, speech-language pathology and medicine.

From the website:
The voice is like a gem with facets reflecting multiple scientific disciplines and practical and artistic concerns. Both humans and animals depend heavily on vocal communication, so voice science incorporates physiology, biology and bioacoustics. The voice provides the main tool for both semantic and emotional communication, and is therefore relevant to auditory perception, psychology, neurology, cognition, linguistics and phonetics. It is a crucial tool not only in education but also in the daily work for about 30% of the entire working population. A functioning voice is highly significant to quality of life. The voice is a musical instrument in singing, making it a part of art and culture. Voice science has foundations in various branches of physics, particularly biophysics, aerodynamics, mechanics and acoustics. Voice pedagogy involves vocal development, and artistic expressions of speech and singing are integral to every relationship and culture in the world.

However, both the general public and professionals in many disciplines lack an understanding of the great significance of the voice. In particular, the true inter-disciplinary scope of voice science, pedagogy and art is inadequately recognized by funding bodies, and its potential in the public understanding of the voice disciplines and as an accessible topic for education in physics, mathematics and biology, as well as cultural and personal development remains under-utilized.

The mission of the group is to share the excitement of voice science, pedagogy and the vocal arts as an application of all the above mentioned areas with the public and with funding bodies by organizing a global celebration of the World Voice Day on April 16 each year, joining forces with existing groups that have the same goal.

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A view of your voice for World Voice Day

Published 16 April 2020
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