Wellbeing for Choral Directors and Singers

Wellbeing for Choral Directors and Singers

These past few years have been very challenging for those in the singing world.

This workshop, developed by Professor Virginia Kerr, aims to assist choral conductors, music directors, choir members and group singers to develop a sense of well-being as they return to the rehearsal and performance space.

Topics for discussion include managing anxiety around stepping back out there, experiencing changes in the voice, caring for the voice on returning to the choir, bonding as a team and practising self care to achieve a positive work/life balance.

Virginia Kerr is the Chair of Sing Ireland. She is an international soprano and Professor of Voice at the Royal Irish Academy of Music. She takes a very holistic approach to her teaching of singing, incorporating her training in psychology and body work into her vocal tuition.   A keen interest in the workings of the psyche of musicians and performers led Virginia to pursue an MSc in Psychotherapy with an emphasis on Musical Performance Anxiety.  Virginia specialises in working with performers who suffer with performance anxiety and she incorporates this work into her lecture series at the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

This workshop is only for Sing Ireland members. For the link to register email info@singireland.ie

Published 14 September 2022
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