Looking to the Future of Group Singing in Ireland

Looking to the Future of Group Singing in Ireland


Wednesday, July 8th




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Sing Ireland is pleased to bring you this free webinar, aimed at providing practical information which will assist committees and conductors to be prepared for stepping back into rehearsals and supporting your singers.

When lockdowns end and restrictions are gradually lifted, what does the immediate future hold for choral singing? Are there technological options that can help?

Join Dermot O'Callaghan (Sing Ireland, CEO), Sonja Greiner (European Choral Association-Europa Cantat, Secretary General) and Professor Martin Ashley ( ABCD, Choral Singing Research Editor-in-chief) to discuss research and ongoing projects to help us look and plan for the future.

The Novel Coronavirus will be with us in Ireland for some time. In order to help guide singing groups as they make plans to resume operations as safely and with the most information at hand as possible, Sing Ireland will continue to gather resources and collaborate with leading experts to make sense of the latest research and recommendations. You can find our latest statement HERE and research and resources HERE

Attendance is free but must be registered in advance

Published 19 June 2020
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