Unconscious Biases - From Awareness to Action

Unconscious Biases - From Awareness to Action

This course aims to raise awareness of how unconscious biases work, and how they can negatively influence workplace interactions. Participants will explore the mental shortcuts our brains take make decisions quickly and learn meaningful actions they can take to lessen its impact. Participants will also set personal goals and create a plan of action to help apply the strategies learned in the course.

The Unconscious Bias workshop will consist of 2 modules delivered in a 90mins session on 24th and 25th November from 1-230pm each day.

Participants will:

• Understand what unconscious bias is and what it looks like in the workplace.

• Understand the difference between unconscious bias, prejudice, and stereotyping

• Recognize the impact of unconscious bias can have on workplace diversity efforts

• Identify positive habits that interrupt unconscious bias

Published 12 October 2021
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