Elevating Youth Singing Development in Ireland with Aeolus Engine Services

Elevating Youth Singing Development in Ireland with Aeolus Engine Services

Sing Ireland is thrilled to announce a new two-year corporate partnership with Aeolus Engine Services, commencing in January 2024.

Sing Ireland is excited to be collaborating with Aeolus Engine Services, a renowned provider of expert services and innovative solutions to global airlines.

Aeolus Engine Services joins Sing Ireland's corporate partnership programme and, as a dedicated Youth Singing Programme Partner, is providing crucial funding over a two-year period to help support Sing Ireland's artistic programming that enables youth singing development across YouthSing Ireland, the Irish Youth Training Choir, the Irish Youth Choir, and other youth singing initiatives.

Speaking about this creative partnership:

Dermot O'Callaghan, CEO of Sing Ireland said: "Aeolus Engine Services' dedication and support to Sing Ireland will play a crucial role in helping us on our mission of enhancing lives through singing, ensuring that a greater number of young people in Ireland have access to quality and impactful singing experiences. This creative partnership reflects our shared commitment to making a meaningful and lasting difference throughout Irish communities through the transformative power of singing."

Fergal Whelan-Porter, CEO of Aeolus Engine Services said: "Aeolus Engine Services is proud to join hands with Sing Ireland on their mission to lead, enable, and connect communities across Ireland, which mirror the core values that our company believes in. Inspired by their fervent dedication to enhancing lives through singing, it is our great privilege to support the impactful journey that Sing Ireland is undertaking and the musical brilliance and community spirit it fosters."

Corporate partnerships with Sing Ireland offer a unique opportunity to collaborate with a leading national organisation that advocates for and demonstrates the life-changing ability that singing has to positively impact your health, creativity, and wellbeing. Sing Ireland extends a heartfelt thank you to Aeolus Engine Services for supporting our impact, ensuring that more children and young people nationwide can access life-changing singing experiences.

For further information about Sing Ireland's Corporate Partnership Programme, please contact Cecelia Molumby at cecelia@singireland.ie.

About Aeolus Engine Services

Engine Solutions: Delivered. Established in July 2000, Aeolus Engine Services is a provider of expert technical services and powerplant solutions to airlines and commercial aircraft owners worldwide. Specialising in CFM56-3, CFM56-5 & CFM56-7B type engines, we deliver 'value-for-money' support through the following services: Engine Leasing; Engine Sales & Exchanges; Engine Trend Analysis & Troubleshooting; Engine Shop Visit Management; Airworthiness Compliance processing.

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Published 17 January 2024
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