Galway County Council: Support Scheme for Cultural Development

  • Applications are invited from Community and Voluntary “not for profit” groups for funding towards activities and events which benefit local communities throughout the county, and support sustainable economic, community and cultural development.
  • Arts Act Grants: the aim of this category is to provide financial assistance to voluntary arts groups/organisations to carry out an arts activity or project within the community.
  • Heritage Grants: the aim of this category is to support voluntary community and heritage groups/organisations to undertake heritage activities, events and projects, which will be of benefit to the community.
  • Irish Language Promotional Activities: the aim of this category is to encourage non-profit Groups and Organisations to organize activities, projects, workshops or classes, which will a) increase the knowledge of Irish, b) create opportunities for the use of Irish and c) foster positive attitudes towards its use.
  • Closing: 4.00pm, Thursday 25th February 2021

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