Sing Ireland at the Cork International Choral Festival 2022

Sing Ireland at the Cork International Choral Festival 2022


27th April - 1st May 2022

Big Sing with Carmel Whelan and Justine Nantale, April 30th at 430pm City Hall

With the ambition of ensuring everybody gets the opportunity to sing in the Festival, we invite you to come and take part in The Big Sing 2022. The Big Sing has been a huge success with year on year increases in the number of people turning out for it, making each of them the largest choirs ever to have sung at the Choral Festival! Sing Ireland are proud sponsors of this event which encourages everybody to join in! Singing with others can bring people together in a unique way and provides an unbeatable feel good factor!

This year we hope to make The Big Sing even bigger and better, and invite you to join us in City Hall to be part of the experience. You don’t need to be able to sing, it’s simply about lending voice and experiencing first-hand the enjoyment and sense of community that lies at the heart of choral singing.

Choral Music & Sustainability - Online Roundtable, 10am 30th April

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Join Sing Ireland and the Cork International Choral Festival online at 10am on 30 April for a discussion around how the group singing community can best respond to environmental challenges ahead and take positive action with regard to sustainability.

How can choirs and their conductors take action and be a voice for meaningful change? This panel aims to share ideas and action points, spark further conversation, and build a community of engaged leaders and choirs with a passion for both music and environment, who feel equipped to embrace sustainability.

Vocal Health Essentials with Eimear McCarthy Luddy, 29th April 415pm, Millenium Hall

Singers are both the instrument and the player - this can be our greatest superpower, but it can also pose many challenges. Vocal health is always about more than just the voice, so what are the essential vocal health secrets we need to keep us safe?

Join Eimear for a workshop exploring the voice through the lens of vocal health. Participants will learn how the vocal instrument works through interactive demonstrations and gain key proactive tips to maintain a healthy voice. We will also highlight common warning signs to look out for and what to do if you run into vocal trouble.

Alexander Technique Workshop with Mary Shorten, 29th April 515pm, Millenium Hall

Many singers and conductors experience excessive muscular effort in performance, which can greatly limit their ability to perform well.
The Alexander Technique is a fascinating study of the relationship between thinking and movement.

All human activity involves movement, whether it’s singing, conducting, playing an instrument, walking, running or engaging in simple everyday tasks.

FM Alexander, an Australian actor, began a lifelong study of himself as he tried to find a solution to his vocal difficulties. What he discovered is relevant for us all.

How we are thinking, as we carry out a movement, can have a profound influence on our ability to move easily, freely and efficiently.

This informative Introductory Lecture and Demonstration will introduce you to the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) approach to the Alexander Technique. You will learn some key concepts that you can apply immediately, to improve your mental and physical performance.

By learning more about ourselves and the principles which govern all movement behaviour, we can greatly improve the quality of our performance, and greatly enhance the quality of our lives in general.

Published 26 April 2022
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