Return to Singing

Return to Singing

Sing Ireland warmly welcomes the inclusion of group singing in the roadmap announced by the Irish Government on 31st August, 2021. We acknowledge the patience and strength of the group singing sector over the past eighteen months and it is with heartened anticipation that we look to the next months and to the return of group singing.

In considering the ways that singing groups can return it is essential that the health and well-being of singers/choristers, conductors, accompanists, and their families takes precedence. Each singing group must make its own decision as to whether and when to start in-person rehearsals again. Should they decide to do so, Sing Ireland has identified the steps required to minimise risk and we would urge groups to take every precaution when planning. Covid-19 is still present and an exacerbation of the virus is possible but that risk has been reduced given the high level of vaccination of the Irish people.

Sing Ireland appreciates that there will inevitably be different comfort levels amongst singers as they look to return to their choirs and singing groups. It will be important for the sector that singing groups cater to the most concerned singers in their groups so that all who wish to return to singing can do so in a safe and supportive environment.

Sing Ireland has developed and released the following to assist groups with planning to return:

An online E-Learning Course for returning to singing for singers, committees and covid officer

Our latest statement which gives an outline of when and what can return

Updated Planning and Practical Resources for Return

Updated Risk Assessment Questions September 2021

Other resources

Published 10 September 2021
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