Nominate a Sing Ireland Ambassador for your singing group!

Nominate a Sing Ireland Ambassador for your singing group!

Nominate a Sing Ireland Ambassador and you could win a vocal masterclass for your entire group!

Sing Ireland as part of its current strategic plan has identified a need for Ambassadors in each of our member groups which will help Sing Ireland deliver its message to a wider audience.

This role is called the ‘Sing Ireland Ambassador’ and we hope to have an ambassador in each member group across Ireland.

This person may well be the Secretary, Chairman or Public Relations Officer of the group but it can also be assigned to another member.

Speaking about the Sing Ireland Ambassador recruitment campaign Alan Kelly, Chairman of Sing Ireland said: "Establishing an ambassador in each of our member groups is a key step in allowing Sing Ireland deliver its messaging to wider audiences. By working with these volunteers across Ireland we can help deliver a consistent and strong message about group singing and the benefits of it. This will result in a higher profile for us and in turn the wider sector. I'm calling on all our members to get behind this and nominate their ambassador soon!'

The Sing Ireland Ambassador shall:

  • be experienced in communicating with members of your group using email
  • champion the work of Sing Ireland amongst their group and ensure that audiences attending performances know that the group is a member of Sing Ireland
  • be able to post messages from Sing Ireland on your social media channels where appropriate
  • take responsibility for ensuring that choir/group contacts is updated and maintained for Sing Ireland every three months
  • pass on information to committee members, musical directors, accompanists as required using email, social media, SMS etc. as they deem appropriate
  • assist Sing Ireland in delivering key messages about collective group singing to as wide an audience as possible
  • be invited to attend a training & information sessions with Sing Ireland at selected regional locations
  • be entered into a draw for tickets to an Irish Youth Choir concert

Key Skills

  • knowledge of using Facebook Pages and/or Twitter
  • understanding of sending email communication to large groups
  • keen user of technology generally

Choir and singing groups are asked to nominate their Sing Ireland Ambassador by sending an email to with the following details:




All groups that nominate a Sing Ireland Ambassador before the end of May 2019 will be entered into the draw for a masterclass and in addition to this, a number of Sing Ireland Ambassadors will be drawn at random to win a pair of tickets for an Irish Youth Choir concert.

Choirs should obtain the consent of the nominated ambassador before passing their contact details to us.

Published 15 March 2019
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