Workshop for Primary School Teachers: Learning Music Through Singing in the Primary School


Sunday, March 31st
10.15am to 4.30pm


The Lab, Foley Street


€45 (includes booking fee)
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Dublin Youth Choir

Throughout the day, participants will expand their conducting gestures, discuss various ways to prepare scores, share repertoire ideas, observe a musicianship class with Dublin Youth Junior Choir, and discuss the challenges and opportunities relating to teaching music through singing in the primary school.

The workshop will focus on the curricular areas of composing, performing, and listening and responding so that teachers can relate the content of the workshop to the current Primary School Curriculum. There is also an opportunity for participants to apply to take part in the conducting masterclass, in which selected participants will conduct members of Dublin Youth Choir.

This lively and interactive workshop aims to provide teachers with an opportunity to develop skills relating to teaching music through singing in the primary school in a supportive environment, while also providing an insight into the work of Dublin Youth Choir.

Published 19 February 2019
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