A Classic Sandwich with a Contemporary Filling


Friday, May 17th


St. Andrew's Church, Westland Row, Dublin 2


Culwick Choral Society
David Leigh
Other Performers:
Judith Lyons; Sarah Thursfield; Rory Lynch; Jeffrey Ledwidge
We are particularly excited to be performing the rarely performed The Light of Life by Edward Elgar (1896). This oratorio for soprano, contralto, tenor and baritone soloists, full choir and orchestra, is based on the biblical text from St John’s Gospel that recounts the story of the blind beggar whose sight Christ restored. Elgar adopted leitmotifs for the main characters and concepts in The Light of Life, some of which reappear in his later two oratorios, The Apostles and The Kingdom, most notably the gentle motif representing Jesus as the giver of light. The concert will open with Joseph Haydn’s Te Deum Laudamus (c. 1800). The Te Deum is a Christian hymn in Latin, “God, We Praise You”, that dates from the 4th or 5th century, and is a hymn to God the Father and Christ the Son, traditionally sung on occasions of public rejoicing. John Rutter’s Magnificat (1990) takes the place of the “Contemporary Filling” in this concert. ‘John Rutter has stated that his intention was to write a Magnificat that evoked Mediterranean sunshine and celebration, as well as the spirit of the many exuberant festivals held throughout Europe in honour of the Virgin Mary.’ (John Bawden).


Published 6 March 2024
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