Ageing Voices Resources and Workshops

Ageing Voices Resources and Workshops

Sing Ireland and Creative Aging International have come together to create a range of resources that will encourage and explore singing into older age, with support from The Creative Ireland Programme.

Sing Ireland and Creative Aging International, supported by Creative Ireland, are delighted to launch our Ageing Voices resources including guidebooks and video resources which share expertise made from practical experience, showcasing great examples of singing groups for ageing voices, care, and well-being, to encourage singing for health and well-being amongst adults, whether they live in the community or in care. Alongside these resources, a series of Online Workshops will take place in January and February 2021.

Tania Banotti, Director of the Creative Ireland Programme said, "The Creative Ireland Programme is delighted to support the Ageing Voices Programme of resources and workshops. We congratulate Sing Ireland and Creative Ageing International for their imaginative response to overcome the challenges of group singing during a pandemic. We hope that this material will be of value to our many older singers and will sustain them until it is safe for them to sing together again."

Dominic Campbell from Creative Aging International expressed, "In Ireland, huge numbers of people are lucky to live longer than their parents and grandparents. They are very different generations. It’s timely for cultural organisations to ask older adults what they need and provide this support, while nurturing innovation by mature artists of all kinds be they are healthy or challenged by illness, so the arts might truly reflect everyone in all their glory. Sing Ireland’s leadership is fabulous. We’re delighted to bring our expertise in support of adventurous development.”

We believe that singing is invaluable. That it is a vital tool in the health and wellbeing of older people in our communities. That is why we have created four areas of interest that have been designed to give people the tools they need to create, run, and nurture singing groups for older people within their communities.

1: The Ageing Voice

The Ageing Voice focuses on the voice as an instrument. What happens as we age? How can we maintain and sustain our voices? What happens if we do?

2: Special Interest Choirs

Here we look at choirs in the community that are friendly to, and made with, people living with conditions like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. These choirs support people, their families, and carers.

3: Community Connections

Community Connections shares learnings from projects where cultural leadership has been connecting organisations through song in pursuit of care.

4: Singing For Care

This final theme discusses singing in healthcare settings and is particularly focused on sharing the experiences of groups led by nursing staff and care staff who sing and share their singing with those in their care.

Dermot O’Callaghan, CEO of Sing Ireland, added, “Singing is fun, therapeutic, social, and stimulating. What has become very clear during this pandemic is that singing is more important than ever to help keep spirits raised during this difficult time. So, while singing in groups is not allowed, there is no reason why people can’t access on-line facilities and continue singing at home – or with others via virtual means and plan for the future when we can return in person.

At Sing Ireland, we’re committed to working to find as many ways as possible to encourage more people to get involved and experience the positive impact singing can have on their health, wellbeing and overall creativity. We are grateful to Creative Aging International for their input and work in this project and to Creative Ireland for the funding to allow it to happen."

Sing Ireland places importance in the value and positive impact of singing at all stages of life. Strategically, Sing Ireland sets out to develop programmes and initiatives that will make practical contributions to the development of high-quality singing experiences across Irish society. Sing Ireland has worked with national partners on the delivery of projects for the ageing demographic over a long number of years. As well as this, Sing Ireland has many member singing groups who specialise in projects and run choirs for people in older life.

For more information on the Creative Ireland Creativity in Older Age programme, please go to https://www.creativeireland.go...

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Published 14 January 2021
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