Ageing Voices – Building Resources

Ageing Voices – Building Resources

Sing Ireland, the national group singing support agency, and Creative Aging International have come together to produce resources and best practice training programmes for musicians, carers, and health care teams working with older people.

Singing is fun, therapeutic, social, and stimulating. It takes place in groups, choirs, health centres, schools, even hospitals. Older adults who sing might be fit as a fiddle or challenged by illness.

There is great singing happening around the country. We want to find and celebrate this. We also want to help those who help people to sing do this as well as they possibly can. Whatever knowledge they start with or environment they work in.

Over the next few months, starting with the questionnaire attached, we will be:

· Mapping where adults sing, why they sing, and who supports this.

· Creating then offering tools and training

· Sharing great examples to show what singing groups are doing

If you know groups or individuals leading singing that we might not, then tell us about them. Please complete the form asap and before September 7th.

The questionnaire asks what type of tools or training might help. If there’s something we didn’t think of please let us know. We will come back with an invitation to use the tools as soon as they are available. The more information you can provide the better we can make them. Thanks to the support of Creative Ireland these will be free to use.

Colleagues from University of Limerick, Arts + Health Co-ordinators Ireland and Trinity College Dublin may follow up this Autumn as they do exciting in depth research into the arts for health and wellbeing.

We've been busy over the last month building on the Dawn Chorus enthusiasm and engagement. It has become clear that singing, even in these times when singing together in groups is difficult, and largely remote, is vital and bonding, perhaps more important than ever. So we started to think about how we can support you better. First step is finding out what you need.

Here’s how you can help. We are trying to find out about singing in your area. It takes less time than it does to boil an egg to complete the survey

Published 31 August 2020
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