#KeepIrelandSinging Campaign

The #KeepIrelandSinging campaign is running until the 31st of May 2021. Here you will find a summary and highlights of our campaign to date.

A celebratory BIG SING event

Enjoy a joyful hour of singing to complete our #KeepIrelandSinging campaign, featuring engaging warm ups and well-known music.

Join us at 6.30pm on the 31st May when we will host a BIG SING conducted and led by Patrick Barrett, conductor of the Irish Youth Training Choir. We can’t wait to welcome you all to sing together in (hopefully!) one of the last virtual sings! You can sign up to attend here.

Campaign Day, 11th May 2021

Sing Ireland planned a special day to mark the midway point of the #KeepIrelandSinging campaign. This included a free webinar, 'Better than Ever: How Singing Groups will Return', to discuss and explore how choirs and singing groups will be able to return to rehearsing and performing in the same room. We were joined by Lyn Williams from the Gondwana Choirs in Australia and Thomas Caplin, a conductor, professor and singer from Norway/Sweden, to bring Irish choirs some insight from groups that have been able to get back together across the globe. This webinar had over 150 in attendance.

Sing Ireland presented a free online vocal workshop with Alison Browner, one of Ireland's leading singers and vocal coaches, who expertly guided singers and choirs through vocal exercises to keep the voice healthy and in shape until we can all meet in person again at rehearsals.

We were also thrilled to be able to share a meaningful message from Professor Luke O'Neill to the singing groups of Ireland.

A special video message from Professor Luke O'Neill

Some Messages from #KeepIrelandSinging Donors

"I am so glad that our choir continues to be a member of Sing Ireland, always a reliable source but especially in these pandemic times for updates, information and advice …and an added bonus, through the webinars, as a way of regaining some of that sense of community lost over the last year." - Rosaleen

"Sing Ireland has always provided excellent support, advocacy and guidance to choirs, conductors and accompanists. They have also enabled the well being of its members during this difficult time, bringing everyone together in a warm and friendly space. Sing Ireland continues to be the one constant moving towards hope for the singing community. I am very happy to support Sing Ireland in their wonderful work." - Jean

"I miss my involvement in choral singing so much since March 2020. Throughout this time I have attended a lot of the free Sing Ireland seminars which have kept the interest in choral singing alive and given us all hope for a return to our favourite past time this autumn. Consequently I want to contribute in this small way." - Ger

“Donation on behalf of Voices of Limerick choir to show support to Sing Ireland and to acknowledge the continuous support that Sing Ireland provides to all singing groups.” - Anonymous

“Sing Ireland are hugely support to Irish choirs.” - Bernadette

“Supporting the good work of Sing Ireland.” - Anonymous

“I love to sing, especially with a choir. I sing with the Riverside singers from Ringsend under the direction of Ray Ryan. I am looking forward to singing again when this Pandemic is over.” - Brendan

“Because of the invaluable resources, information and webinars which have been provided throughout this past year.” - Anonymous

“This donation includes the contributions from a number of members of our choir. We are delighted to support the great work that Sing Ireland is doing - thanks for keeping us informed, engaged and ‘in tune’ with all the latest developments!” - Maeve

“I am grateful for the webinars etc organised during the pandemic, and the up to date advice. On a different note, I also wish to show support for our young singers, who Sing Ireland do so much to encourage.” - Anonymous

“Sing Ireland webinars have kept so many singers connected and engaged through the pandemic. I have really valued their online presence.” - Doireann

“It is important to have an advocate for singing groups in the mix in the current situation.” - Anonymous

“We enjoy singing so much and can't wait to return sometime this year. We hope our donation will help others find the same enjoyment in raising their voices together.” - Anonymous

“I regularly receive training, guidance and information from Sing Ireland. They are a wonderful organisation deserving of support and recognition for the important work they do in progressing choral music in Ireland.” - Claire

“As a lifetime chorister I would like to contribute to keep singing alive in Ireland.” - Mary

“The webinars have been a marvellous way to keep in touch with singing. I really appreciate them.” - Doireann

“Thank you for the great guidance during the pandemic. It was a huge help to have well-researched information and liaison with relevant government departments/agencies to ensure singing groups were well-informed, safe, and compliant with public health guidance in the rapidly evolving context of 2020-21.” - Anonymous

“Sing Ireland are a huge support to the various singing groups in Ireland and have supplied invaluable support through their webinars in the past 12 months.” - Cora

Did you know at Sing Ireland, we are eligible to claim an additional 45% on your donation via tax relief, so for every €250 donation, we actually receive €362.33. All you have to do is fill out this form HERE, and return to info@singireland.ie

Campaign Videos

Below are some of our campaign videos which you may have spotted on our social media throughout the past number of weeks.

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#KeepIrelandSinging | The Benefits of Singing

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