Keep Ireland Singing

Singing groups across Ireland need your support. Please consider donating today to KEEP IRELAND SINGING.

The #KeepIrelandSinging Campaign is now running. See here for a summary of all campaign activity to date, including campaign videos, special events, and messages from our donors.

More than 229,000 people sing in choirs and singing groups in Ireland.

Singing has been severely hit by the pandemic and there has been a considerable impact on the health and wellbeing of those who miss face to face singing. They depend on group singing’s well-proven ability to enhance and change their lives, from a musical, social and health perspective.

Sing Ireland has responded proactively to new advice and new ways of working by:

  • Providing free online webinars to support and advise the sector, with in excess of 10,000 people attending in total
  • Delivering online training for singing groups and conductors
  • Compiling resources and supports from across the globe

Sing Ireland and the hundreds of thousands of singers throughout the island need your help. We are determined to come through this stronger than ever.

By supporting Sing Ireland, you can help us to provide more services to singers and continue our essential work with people of all ages, as well as providing important programmes for marginalised groups and seeking to ensure that there is equity in access to group singing, regardless of a person’s social or economic status.

If you can, please consider supporting us to help #KeepIrelandSinging. Every donation given will go directly towards the programmes that can do the most good. Your donation, whether large or small, will make a difference.

Why Previous Donors Donated

"I am so glad that our choir continues to be a member of Sing Ireland, always a reliable source but especially in these pandemic times for updates, information and advice …and an added bonus, through the webinars, as a way of regaining some of that sense of community lost over the last year."

"Sing Ireland has always provided excellent support, advocacy and guidance to choirs, conductors and accompanists. They have also enabled the well being of its members during this difficult time, bringing everyone together in a warm and friendly space. Sing Ireland continues to be the one constant moving towards hope for the singing community. I am very happy to support Sing Ireland in their wonderful work."
"The reason I donated is because of Sing Ireland's virtual choir events including 'Ireland's Call' and 'Tis the Season'."

Did you know at Sing Ireland, we are eligible to claim an additional 45% on your donation via tax relief, so for every €250 donation, we actually receive €362.33. All you have to do is fill out this form HERE, and return to