'Pod' System

For group activities with mixed vaccination status (e.g. some who are vaccinated and some who are not)

Organised activity can form in multiple pods once sufficient space is available and strict public health protocols are in place.

  • The use of multiple pods is to assist with minimising the number of people in a group while acknowledging that some outdoor and indoor facilities have the capacity to cater to larger numbers of people in a safe manner and within public health guidelines. People participating in pod rehearsals can be from different households.
  • The number of pods in a given facility or area will depend on the overall size of space available.
  • The space between pods will depend on the nature, duration, and intensity of the rehearsal but it should be clearly evident that the pods are independent groups not interacting with one another. At a very minimum Social Distancing of 2m between pods should be implemented.
  • Depending on the frequency of activity (i.e. multiple times in a week) it may be helpful for participants to stay within the same pod.
  • A conductor may oversee more than one pod and should be counted in the overall numbers.
  • The conductor should not move freely between pods but rather oversee the activity of the pods.