Sing Ireland Update on Safe Group Singing

Sing Ireland has sought clarification of the implications for group singing and choirs following the announcement by the Irish Government on the 15th September 2020 of Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021: Plan for Living with COVID-19. It has been confirmed to Sing Ireland that an ‘organised environment’ is any environment that can take account of restrictions and so choirs and singing groups who can follow public health advice for singing will be in a position to gather in person so long as they adhere to restrictions and take individual responsibility for risk assessment and risk mitigation measures.

As Dublin and Donegal are at Level 3 currently, no indoor rehearsals or gatherings are permitted.

The venue that the singing group rehearses in will dictate whether risk mitigation measures can be fully complied with but that will be for each individual singing group to assess.

Previously issued Government advice still stands and should be strictly adhered to whilst also adhering to the advice on the numbers for gatherings of people indoors and outdoors as described at each level of the new Government Plan:

Sing Ireland has also issued risk assessment and resulting risk mitigation suggestions in the following document. However, the clarifications that Sing Ireland sought have made it clear that a risk assessment or COVID officer must be appointed by singing groups ahead of any return to face to face meetings. Risk assessment and resulting risk mitigation measures must also be undertaken and is an individual responsibility for each group.

Please find the risk assessment suggestions and questions HERE

Sing Ireland previously ran a webinar on risk assessment and other issues that is available along with resources HERE

Please also see further suggestions and recommendations for singing groups in the following infographic: